Thursday, June 9, 2011

MWN and Children's Museum of Memphis partner for severe weather education (MWN) and the Children’s Museum of Memphis (CMOM) are pleased to announce a new partnership that will provide information on local weather conditions and severe weather safety education to museum visitors.

Using cutting-edge technology called Quick Response (or QR) codes, visitors to “The Tornado” and “The Perfect Storm” exhibits will have the ability to use their smartphones to scan a code near each exhibit.  The scanned code will then direct the visitor to’s mobile site and the MWN Blog to view current conditions and radar for the Memphis area. This will also allow visitors to read about how to stay safe in severe weather.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with a fantastic museum such as the Children’s Museum of Memphis in order to further our efforts towards educating the public, especially the youth, on the risks associated with severe weather,” said founder Erik Proseus.  “If we can help the children learn how to be prepared, not scared, during severe weather, many times they in turn educate the adults in their lives.”

Loni Wellman, Program Manager at CMOM, commented, “Preparedness and knowledge are our only defense against severe weather.  With the recent severe weather that this area has endured, sites like are an asset.  It provides timely and accurate information in a concise format.  The
MWN Blog has safety tips that will be an essential component to our weatherrelated exhibits.  Now when children and families experience the 'Perfect Storm,' they can learn about storm safety by scanning a QR code near the exhibit.  The code will link directly to the MWN blog about severe thunderstorm safety.”

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Bill C. said...

What a wonderful idea for an exhibit.