Saturday, December 27, 2008

Memphis weather items of note

Several weather-related items of note this morning, and since I haven't written about the weather in a few days, I'm behind!

Yesterday's high of 73 was 1 degree off the record here in Memphis. And this morning's balmy low of 67 would shatter the record for highest minimum temp of 59 if we didn't have that pesky front coming through this evening, which will drop the daily low below that record by several degrees. High temps today will be in the mid 70s with a little sunshine. The record is 76, so once again we'll get close. I am expecting 74, but with more sunshine than expected, 76 may be in jeopardy!

We are also under a WIND ADVISORY until midnight tonight as it will be another very warm, very windy day. Wind gusts could approach 40 mph during the daytime hours. Make sure that outdoor objects are buttoned up or you could lose them! Driving high-profile vehicles could also be difficult today due to the wind gusts.

The other note for today relates to the possibility of severe weather as the front passes through this evening. The Storm Prediction Center has placed the metro area under a SLIGHT RISK of severe weather, with the greatest threat being damaging wind and small hail as a squall line passes. The line will likely pass through the city between 6-9pm tonight. Conditions will quickly improve after the front passes, with skies clearing after midnight.

The New Year's week forecast looks pretty good right now with highs generally in the 50s and lows in the 35-40 degree range, which are both slightly above normal. Dry conditions are expected Sunday through New Year's Eve. A frontal system will move through Thursday or Friday (timing of this one is still a little fuzzy), so expect some rain late in the week and cooler temps headed into next weekend.

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Michael Detwiler said...

WOW Erik..mid 70's today! That'll help set off some big t-storms. Be careful over there in West TN!