Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gullywasher yesterday... and what about the snow?

Two weather topics on everyone's mind today... the rainfall totals from yesterday and the snow potential for tonight.

#1. Wow, what a rain! Check out the map below for a look at 24-hour precipitation reports from this morning for the eastern U.S. Note the 1.5-5"+ totals across the Mid-South, Tennessee Valley, and lower Mississippi Valley. These reports come from the CoCoRaHS network of trained precipitation observers. Reports from inside Shelby County are all between 3.50-3.75" while totals to our east are generally about 0.50-1.00" higher! At WXLIVE in Bartlett, the automated weather equipment recorded 2.85", while the manual "official" rain gauge right next to it reported 3.59" for the event. The difference is larger than I usually see between them (usually the automated gauge is ~10% under, depending on the wind). That's still the most rain recorded in one calendar day since WXLIVE was installed in June 2005. The 3.48" recorded at the airport on the 10th was also a record for the date. Wow!!

#2. As cold air filters in today, holding temps in the upper 30s in the metro area, a developing low pressure system over the northern Gulf of Mexico will strengthen and move northeast tonight. The Mid-South will be on the back (cold) side of the low and precip will wrap around the low overnight as it moves northeast. Anything more than a tenth of an inch should remain east and south of the city and there is potential for some accumulating snow in northeast MS and eastern areas of west TN (nearer the TN River). However, in the metro area, expect mainly light drizzle or a light shower with temps in the mid 30s. Some snowflakes could mix in between 3am-10am but no accumulation is expected. Sorry school kids!

What do you have to say about yesterday's rain? How about the chance of snow? Leave me a comment!

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William Brantley said...

IN Bemis, Tn.
I got 4.13 "
old record : 2.81 " In 1961.
Thanks from William Brantley
From Bemis, Tn.
Now waiting on possible
Frozen Precip. on 12/11/08.