Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freezing rain and drizzle over... for now

Temperatures across the metro are now above freezing, ranging from 33-35F at 2pm. StormView Radar shows the precipitation has pretty much departed the area and the Weather Service allowed the Freezing Rain Advisory to expire on schedule at noon. With highs just a few degrees above freezing and low overcast conditions with virtually no wind overnight, some drizzle will be possible that could freeze if temps drop to 32. I'm not certain that the heart of the city will see 32 as temperatures should remain nearly steady, but suburbs could see the freezing point, including Autobahn-connah (Bill Morris Parkway). If any precip falls early in the morning on Wednesday, I would avoid that stretch of road once again! The scenes from this morning were just ugly... After tomorrow morning, I expect we won't see freezing conditions again for at least several days.

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