Monday, December 13, 2010

Possibility of winter weather Wednesday morning

I was going to blog on the possibility of freezing rain Wednesday morning and then read Ryan Vaughan's blog post on the same topic. Ryan (@ryanvaughan on Twitter) is the Chief Meteorologist at KAIT-TV 8 in Jonesboro, a great guy, and very knowledgable about all things weather. He explains complicated weather phenomena in an easy-to-understand manner, as any TV weatherman worth his salt should be able to do.

I decided after reading his post that I couldn't do any better, particularly explaining the weather setup, so I decided to just share it! A very similar scenario is expected in Memphis early Wednesday with the timing of any potential winter precipitation being roughly between 4-10am. As in Jonesboro, any freezing precipitation should be very light with little accumulation. But of course it doesn't take much when it is glaze! Remember we're talking about Memphis drivers (yes, I mean you)!

So here it is: Ryan's Blog: Ice This Week?

Check back with for the latest on the possibility of winter weather in the Mid-South.

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