Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday afternoon update on cold weather and potential snow

It's been an unusually cold start to 2010. While normal high temps are near 50 with lows near freezing, we've been running 20+ degrees below average for daytime highs. In fact, since 6pm New Year's Day, temperatures at the Memphis airport have been above freezing for only 2 hours! I expect this bitter trend to continue through at least noon on Wednesday, which will mean only 2 hours above freezing out of a consecutive 114 hour period. Once we leave Wednesday afternoon behind, that streak will start anew with even COLDER temps coming for late this week and into the weekend. In fact, I suspect that by Monday morning we will have had maybe only 6 hours or so of above freezing weather over a 10 day span. Wow! This will likely be the coldest weather we've experienced in at least 6 years so plan accordingly. More information on protection from the extreme cold will be forthcoming on this blog as we head towards the coldest days later this week.

As for snow chances, my thinking has not changed a great deal today. I still believe that there is a high likelihood of snow Thursday, a high likelihood of some accumulation, and a moderate chance that we could see snow totals of 2-3" over the region by mid-day Thursday. Latest computer model runs, which have been fairly consistent of late, show snow starting Wednesday night, probably around or after midnight, with most accumulating snow leaving the area by early afternoon.

Remember that has you covered with all the resources you need when winter weather strikes:

WXLIVE! - live realtime conditions from the northern suburbs of Memphis
MWN StormView Radar - interactive radar with winter precipitation mode
The MWN Forecast - the most accurate public forecast for the Memphis area
MWN on Facebook and Twitter - for more rapid updates on changing weather conditions
MWN Mobile - current conditions, radar, and forecast for those on the go

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