Thursday, January 7, 2010

Arctic Express headed to the Mid-South

In households across the Mid-South, the mood is either very happy or disappointed after the mixed decisions regarding school closings today. Despite the perceived "bust" in the forecast (have I said before how hard it is to predict winter weather in the Mid-South?), do not let your guard down against the extreme cold that is still on track (and easier to predict by the way!). After the Arctic front passes later this morning, temperatures will begin to drop as wind increases from the northwest.

As I've already written about, the Arctic blast is for real. Temperatures that are on tap have not been seen in the region for over a decade. Lows will drop into the single digits nearly everywhere on Saturday morning and perhaps Sunday morning as well. High temps Friday and Saturday will top out near 20 and coupled with a steady and brisk wind, wind chill readings will be in the single digits during the day and near or below zero overnight. Expect Wind Chill Advisories over the next couple of days. Check out these Extreme Cold Weather Tips from and be careful on the bridges and overpasses as temps drop and patches of black ice become a reality.

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