Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow totals so far

Boy do I live in the sweet spot! As of 6pm, the snow is tapering off to flurries, but we've gotten 5.3" since it started at about 2:30pm. Light rain initially transitioned to sleet shortly after 2:30pm, then about 10-15 minutes later was transitioning again to snow. It snowed hard and steady for 3 hours, at a rate of about 1.5-2.0" per hour! I've already posted video from early on in the event and will attach some pics to this post.

Other totals I've seen include: 6.0" in Gilt Edge (Tipton Co.), 5.0" in Millington, 4.0" in Lakeland, 2.5" in Germantown, 3.0" in western Mississippi Co. (AR), and 2"+ in Union City (as of 5:00pm), and only 1.0" at Memphis Int'l! North Jackson, TN started later in the game and measured 0.4" at 6:00pm, while south Jackson had 1.3". ** snowfall totals updated at 7:30pm **

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