Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More than a dusting...

Another quick update to the blog as snow has fallen, at times at a pretty good clip, for a couple of hours this morning beginning around 7:15am. The flakes were huge and were coming down fast enough to start sticking to roads, sidewalks, and the thich grass. On my drive to work, there were many areas that, even though traffic was consistently rolling over it, the snow was coming down fast enough to accumulate under the tires. If I were home I'd provide a better estimate on the amount but word-of-mouth, radar signatures, and local reports tell me there is at least a 1/4" and maybe up to 1/2". The NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory calling for the possibility of up to an inch in heavy bursts of snow in some locations. Below is a video I took this morning of the snow falling in Bartlett around 7:30am. This is before it got heavy!


Anonymous said...

How much snow do you usually get in Memphis every year?


Meteorologist Erik Proseus said...

Hey Chris -

Not as much as you! ;-) Our 30-yr climo says 5.7" but that seems high having lived here for many years. Last year we got a 5-7" snowfall in early March (!) which was very abnormal. We usually end up with 1-2 events a year that may amount to an inch or so each, but we tend to get more ice than snow. We also have years where we get no more than a trace of snow.

--Erik, MemphisWeather.net

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if we don't start soon climo numbers will start melting, huh, Erik. Hey, sporting a new logo? Lookin' good. Snow looked nice too!