Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rain changing to snow

Looks like the city and surrounding suburbs survived an ice storm scare by remaining just above freezing at the surface throughout the night. This meant most of what we got was rain, with a little freezing rain in the suburbs. As of 5am, a changeover was occurring, but it went through a brief period of sleet before changing to large wet snowflakes across the metro area. StormView Radar (above at 5:21am) is showing that rapid changeover to snow. This will continue to fall for at least an hour at a pretty good clip, so it's very likely that we could see a half inch to one inch of snow in a short period before ending by 7-8 am.

The Ice Storm Warning has been replaced by a Winter Weather Advisory and Shelby County and Memphis City Schools are OPEN today. Please exercise due caution on the roadways this morning, particularly on bridges and overpasses. Stay tuned to for the latest on this winter weather scenario.

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