Monday, January 26, 2009

Latest on the potential for ice

My thoughts on the potential ice for the Memphis metro area have not changed much since my post last night. I still think that the immediate metro area will likely be missed by the freezing rain tonight, though the National Weather Service has posted a Freezing Rain Advisory for areas from Memphis north, including Shelby, Tipton, and Crittenden counties, starting at 6am Tuesday. I also am pretty confident in the daytime hours Tuesday being just a cold rain.

However, this morning my confidence in seeing winter weather on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning is increased as well. See the map below, showing potential for 1/4" accumulations of ice as issued by the NWS. Extreme SW TN is in the moderate probability (40%) area, while locations north of here will be in an all-out ice storm. For more on locations to our north and northwest, check in with and Eddie's blog from Jackson, as well as Ryan's Blog from Jonesboro.
I'll continue to keep this blog updated as best I can, including metro school closings as necessary, as well as my Memphis metro forecast on

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