Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tornado strikes Murfreesboro, TN - April 10, 2009 - UPDATE

Reports from Emergency Management officials and the AP are that 2 people are dead (a female in her mid-20s and her 9-week-old daughter), 35 were injured, and over 3 dozen homes were destroyed from an apparent tornado that struck Murfreesboro during the lunch hour on April 10. Below are two amateur videos as the storm moved through the Walter Hill area of Murfreesboro. Click here for the story from Daily News Journal out of Rutherford County and here or here or here for photos from the area. All photos courtesy Storm reports are scattered across the entire mid-state as a line of supercell storms moved across the region during the late morning through mid-afternoon hours.

To find a way to help those in need from this storm, visit Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims families and all of those affected.

NWS officials from Nashville will do a storm survey today (Saturday) to determine the magnitude of this event. I'll post their findings once they are published.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was some amazing footage. I hope it didn't do much damage to your dealership. ?

William Brantley said...

Scary - But an Excellent Video. Thanks for Posting it.

Anonymous said...

i was in that tornado in murfreeboro and we were coming back from chuck-e-cheese and i saw and was like dad go dad go (we were at a red light on thompson lane)and we were in the office building right next to the stampeed (dance club and salon)and that thing got torn apart we were in a black saburben. as soon as we got in the bathroom in the lights turned out and the tornado came over the building and distroded it. are the ones that were in the news paper the man pasing by and his 6 kids!

Meteorologist Erik Proseus said...

Wow! That's amazing! Thanks for your first-hand account. I'll take another look at the news coverage and try to spot you!

If you wouldn't mind, can you have your dad drop me a line via my email address (he may use the "Contact Us" page on and give me a way to contact you all? I'd love to hear more of your family's story!

Glad to know you are all OK!