Friday, April 3, 2009

Poll results: How do you get your weather warnings?

The results are from the latest MWN Blog poll are in! The question was asked, "how do you get your weather warnings?" The results are not too surprising in this day and age:

Internet: 75%
Television: 50%
NOAA Weather Radio: 38%
Text message: 25%
E-mail: 13%
Radio 0%

(Results total more than 100% as respondents could answer with multiple choices.)

With the internet dominating all mediums for information gathering, it is not surprising that the majority of respondents turn to that source as it is generally reliable and timely. The NWS issues warnings in a method that provides easy parsing, display, and distribution via the internet. takes advantage of this with the severe weather warning map and e-mail notification service - both of which performed admirably during yesterday's severe weather events. TV continued to do well as people have become used to checking their favorite affiliate for wall-to-wall coverage during severe weather. The only disappointment in my book is the use of NOAA Weather Radio, which should be much more widely used as it can alert the user to severe weather that occurs any time, and for only the county(ies) programmed. Weather Radios save lives and until an internet site can wake you up in the middle of the night, NOAA Weather Radios should have a place in every home.

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Michael Detwiler said...


I do the same as you with the e-mail notification..very handy service, especially on my Blackberry while I am out!