Friday, November 21, 2008

The coldest night of the season

After a cold day with a high of only 41 degrees at the Memphis airport and at WXLIVE! in Bartlett, temps are plummeting this evening. At 6:40pm, the WXLIVE! sensor is down to 29 degrees as wind has gone calm and skies are clear. Under strong Canadian high pressure, the dewpoint is 14, which means very dry air is in place and temps will continue to fall, probably into the upper teens, by morning. In the city center, I expect a low around 23-25. As shown in the surface analysis for midnight tonight (below), that high will be centered right over the TN Valley, setting up ideal conditions for a very cold night. As the high moves east, a light southerly wind will commence, which will help warm temperatures up tomorrow back into the lower half of the 50s.

Looking ahead, the best rain chances in a while will move in Sunday night as a cold front tracks through the Mid-South. The air behind this front is not nearly as cold, so temps will remain in the 50s to near 60 for highs through much of next week. Right now, another front and associated precipitation move towards the area by week's end. I expect that the rain will likely hold off until at least Thanksgiving night, so while Black Friday may be wet, Thanksgiving should be pleasant.

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