Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another cold blast coming for winter weather awareness week

Winter weather awareness week has brought one round of cold weather already this week. Early this morning, another cold front moved through and cold air is once again settling over the region on a brisk northerly wind. Temperatures leveled out around 50 early this afternoon and will fall back into the upper 20s tonight with a steady north wind continuing overnight. Tomorrow will be another day like Tuesday when the high was only in the mid 40s - only perhaps a couple of degrees cooler.

The coldest night of the fall is on tap for Friday night! Temps in the "urban heat island" will fall into the mid 20s, while a few spots in rural areas outside the city could see a low in the upper teens Saturday morning! South wind Saturday will help warm it back into the lower 50s by mid-afternoon. The next rain chance doesn't come until early next week, but temps are not forecast to be nearly as cold behind the front early in the week as the past two have been. Normal highs this time of year are near 60 while lows are typically in the lower 40s. Below normal temperatures will thus continue into next week.

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