Friday, March 7, 2008


Everybody's waiting on the snow to fall! We didn't get the rain expected overnight last night - it went to our east. However, as of 10:20am, there is light rain moving north into the area from the south and snow falling across central Arkansas. With temps arond 37-39 right now, we will start off with light rain as temps fall. By shortly after noon, I expect rain to change to snow as the temperatures in the lowest few thousand feet of the atmosphere cool to the freezing point. A period of heavier snow will be possible later this afternoon and early evening. Scattered snow showers will continue overnight with a total of 3-5" still expected. Temps will remain above freezing until after sunset with a low tonight in the 20s. Gusty wind will make it feel even colder today as temps falls through the 30s. Roadways will likely become slippery by this evening and all secondary roads could be treacherous by morning.

I'm looking forward to this as much as you are! Feel free to post your comments and/or your snowfall totals here.

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