Friday, March 7, 2008

3.7" at 9:30pm

My last post of the evening - will write again tomorrow.

I measured 3.7" of snow at 9:30pm, with a liquid water equivalent (melted snow) of 0.19" - and I believe this amount to be low based on snow missing the gauge, blowing out, and some error in the measuring of the snowmelt. I expected about .30". It's still snowing lightly, with perhaps one moderate band left based on radar trends. I'll make a final measurement early tomorrow. It sure is pretty out!

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stm/01 said...

My final measurement of the evening at 22c was 4 inches on the snow board. The board is in an open area so I feel this is accurate. Did not melt gauge and will do so in the morning for the coop report..but using the chart and the 10:1 ration water eq should be around .40...visibility got down to 1/4sm +SN FZFG at times. I did measure a ceiling at 2ovc in one of the snow squalls...max wind clocked at 25kts... have a good weekend..