Friday, March 7, 2008

3:30pm - 1/2" down, more to go!

After about a half-hour of pretty good sleet, starting at 1:45pm, the snow starting coming, and coming... As of 3:30pm, my snowboard says we have 0.5". We're sitting pretty under what Meteorologists call the deformation zone on the backside of a low pressure system. Wrap-around precip on the backside of the low can sometimes be the best place to get good accumulating snows, and that is what we are getting. Radar shows a lot more precip across Arkansas still moving in this direction and between now and 9pm or so, we should be getting the heaviest part of the snow. I still think 3-4" is reasonable.

Temps fell a little more quickly than anticipated and WXLIVE! is now recording freezing temp of 31, where it should stay for several hours. Roads are wet, but bridges and overpasses are getting slick according to reports. As the sun sets, the rest of the roads will also get bad.

Below is a pic of me, ruler in hand, checking the snowboard out back - don't try this at home, I am a professional! :-)

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