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2022 Annual Climate Report for Memphis, TN

Memphis International Airport, Memphis, TN

Average temperature: 60.8 degrees (2.6 degrees below average) 
Average high temperature: 71.1 degrees (1.9 degrees below average) 
Average low temperature: 50.6 degrees (3.2 degrees below average) 
Warmest temperature: 103 degrees (July 5th, 8th) 
Coolest temperature: 1 degree (December 23rd) 
Heating Degrees Days: 2774 (101 below average)
Cooling Degree Days: 1740 (574 below average) 

High temperature records set or tied
Warmest highs - January 1 (79), March 3 (82, tied), March 6 (81), May 10 (90, tied), May 11 (92), May 12 (97), May 18 (94), June 16 (100), June 17 (100, tied), June 21 (101, tied), June 22 (102), June 25 (101), July 7 (101, tied), July 8 (103), September 19 (98, tied), September 20 (100, tied), September 21 (102).  Coolest highs - August 17 (77), December 23 (14). The high temperature of 79 degrees on January 1 tied the record for warmest temperature for the month of January.

Low temperature records set or tied
Warmest lowsMarch 6 (66), May 19 (75), June 17 (82). The low temperature of 82 degrees on June 17 set the record for warmest low temperature for the month of June. Coolest lows - None.

Comments: The latest freeze of the year occurred on March 13 and the first freeze in the fall was on November 12, yielding a growing season of 244 days. There were 72 days with high temperatures at or above 90 degrees, which is exactly average for the year, but 18 days that reached at least 100 degrees, which is third most on record. There were four days with high temperatures at or below 32 degrees, which typically only occurs about 3 times per decade. There were 62 days with low temperatures at or below 32 degrees, which is 17.6 above average. June ended up seventh warmest on record and July was 2nd warmest on record, while the summer months of June-August ended fourth warmest. 

Monthly total: 55.84" (0.90" above average) 
Days with measurable precipitation: 81 (30.4 days below average) 
Days with at least one inch of precipitation: 17 (0.9 days below average) 
Wettest 24-hour period: 2.37" (October 29th) 
Snowfall: 4.2" (1.5" above normal)
Days with measurable snowfall: 5 
Days with any snowfall: 12 (9.4 days above average) 
Daily records set or tied: January 3 (3.84"), February 22 (1.82" - tied), October 29 (2.37"), November 5 (1.61")
Comments: June was the tenth driest on record with only 0.88" of rainfall, kickstarting a lengthy period of drought conditions that continued in the fall.

Peak wind: Southwest/49 mph (February 17th) 
Average wind: 7.7 mph 
Average relative humidity: 64%
Average sky cover: 48%

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Cirrus Weather Solutions /, Bartlett, TN

Average temperature: 62.7 degrees 
Average high temperature: 74.7 degrees 
Average low temperature: 52.1 degrees 
Warmest temperature: 101.0 degrees (July 8th) 
Coolest temperature: -0.3 degrees (December 23rd) 

Annual total: 51.95" (automated rain gauge), 54.53" (manual CoCoRaHS rain gauge) 
Days with measurable precipitation: 108
Wettest date: 2.59" (April 19th) (via automated gauge) 
Snowfall: 6.9"

Peak wind: Southwest/38 mph (March 30th)
Average relative humidity: 71% 
Average barometric pressure: 30.06 in. Hg

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MWN Forecast Accuracy

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MWN average dewpoint error: 2.24 degrees 
MWN forecast dewpoints within 2 degrees of actual: 65% 

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