Friday, September 18, 2015

Do you like it hot or cold outside? This tool tells you where you should live!

I usually don't share this type of thing via the blog, but I found this weather-based tool pretty interesting. The amount of data analysis one can do quickly and easily on the web these days is pretty amazing. This geographic tool, which I saw first on a Capital Weather Gang blog, falls in that category.

So, do you like the hot summers of Memphis and wish the heat would stick around longer? Or are you one that wishes the cooler weather of the winter would last a few more months? This map based on a CDC database will show you the climate you might best be suited for. I've included some screenshots below, but you can access the map itself and change the range to whatever you want here.

For those who like days that remain below 50°,  you definitely want to head north or west.
Average number of days the high temperature is below 50°.

Like a fair number of days that are cool, but not cold (say 50-65° highs)? Believe it or not, the interior south has nearly as many as the west coast.

Average number of days the high temperature is between 50-65°.
If you're like me and appreciate a good "room temperature" day, the best places to live with a fair number of upper 60s to 70s days are the Appalachians, Northeast and (believe it or not) the Gulf Coast (in the winter time!).

Average number of days the high temperature is between 65-80°.
Like it warmer still? You'll find lots of days in the 80s in the southeast U.S. and Mid-Atlantic.

Average number of days the high temperature is between 80-90°.
Finally, for those who like it HOT (lots of 90+ degree days), head to Texas or the Desert Southwest! Even the Central Plains see more 90° days than the Memphis area.

Average number of days the high temperature is above 90°.
Overall, the Mid-South is a pretty good place to be to experience most of all four seasons - some cold winters get mixed in with hot summers and none of them lasts TOO long! Again, if you want to manipulate the data yourself, head to the CWG blog where I first found this. Not only is this a good post by them, but they pretty much rock weather coverage in general!

Erik Proseus
MWN Meteorologist

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