Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid-South and national snow cover

The January 2011 snow storm (or Mid-South Snow-pocalypse or snOMG) has let it's mark on the region though things are starting to get back to normal. Most kids in the metropolitan area are back in school, though a few districts have one more snow day today, especially in north Mississippi, which bore the brunt of this storm. Roads are in fair to good shape and improving, even though temperatures are brutally cold, creating some patchy black ice where snowmelt has occurred on bridges and overpasses. So, I figured it would be a good time to re-visit snow amounts and take a look at some pretty pictures! (Click any of them for larger images.)

First, a graphic produced by NWS-Memphis that was posted here originally on Monday, along with Mid-South snow totals. This one gives a great look at snow totals across the Memphis county warning area:

Next, we take a look at how the Mid-South plays into the bigger picture. As of midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning, 49 of 50 states (yes, including Hawaii) had snow cover! Florida was the only state without snow. Here's a snow cover maps for the continental U.S.:

And regional zooms over the Ohio/Mid-Mississippi Valleys and the Deep South:

Finally, it's always interesting to look at actual pictures of snow from space. Here's a visible imagery shot taken just before the sunset on Tuesday, as clouds cleared out from our area, from the GOES-East spacecraft. Areas east of the yellow line are cloud-covered, areas west are clear, making it easy to pick out the snow, especially over the Mississippi Delta (southwest of Memphis) and eastern Arkansas.

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