Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still frames of a nearby lightning strike

These still photos were part of a short video taken with my digital camera as the June 12th summer storms (derecho) approached the northeastern Memphis suburb of Bartlett. I happened to get a very close lightning strike just before I shut the camera off and extracted these individual frames from it. The time elapsed from the first to the last picture above was about half a second. You can click on each picture for a slightly larger version. Of course, we all know the result of that storm in the Memphis area.
Also, I'd like to say thanks again to my loyal readers and blog followers. My blog passed 15,000 direct visitors since July 23, 2008 - just 3 days shy of one year. Many more of you follow the blog on Facebook and other sources - THANK YOU!!
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sudo said...

Cool, Erik!

Unknown said...

Excellent shots, Erik!