Friday, March 27, 2009

Severe weather update - 5pm CDT

10:00PM UPDATE: Storm Prediction Center has once again moved the MODERATE risk south and away from the Memphis area. We'll just have to see how this one plays out. Any strong weather should be between 1am and 6am and would likely be in the form of hail or a damaging wind gust, with tornadoes a minimal threat.

Original post (5pm):

The Storm Prediction Center has modified the risk of severe weather for the Mid-South for tonight (see above graphic) and now includes all of north MS under a MODERATE RISK, right up to the TN state line. The SLIGHT RISK now encompasses most of west TN. This is in response to the flip-flopping computer models now bringing the aforementioned warm sector closer to the metro area tonight as the stronger low appears as though it will track across Arkansas. The greatest threat will be after midnight through about 6am Saturday. With this situation as dynamic as it has been, any slight shift could have big effects on the resulting weather scenario.

Be advised that the possibility of severe weather does exist, including the low threat of tornadoes, overnight and be prepared should it occur. NOAA Weather Radios should be programmed and in working order. There is also still time to sign up for severe weather warnings by email (even to your PDA) with WXLIVE! Severe Weather - you'll get the warning as soon as the National Weather Service issues it. MWN StormView Radar will have the most recent radar imagery throughout the night.

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