Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cold front moving into Memphis

The first cold front is moving through the region this evening. The position of the front as of 8pm is shown above. A few showers (some with brief heavy rain) are firing just ahead of the front, but most locations are staying dry as the best dynamics move north resulting in the stronger storms staying well to our north as well. The showers are falling parallel to and just south of I-40 between Memphis and Jackson (MWN StormView Radar image from just after 8:00pm below). As these showers move east, I don't expect to see much more in the way of precipitation for the rest of the night in the metro area.

The front is followed by cooler and much drier air, though it won't move far enough south of the city for us to see too much of that cool dry air. Overnight lows will be about 10 degrees cooler than last night, but still in the mid 50s. Tomorrow will see highs rebound again into the mid 70s as the front pulls back to our north as a warm front.

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