Friday, September 19, 2008

Scattered showers and an invitation to an AMS/NWA-Memphis meeting

A surface trough has set up over the region and an upper-level trough will also move in, causing some scattered showers and perhaps a few thunderstorms to dot the region for the next 48 hours. After a very nice early autumn week, I guess we can take a few showers here and there. It will help to keep temps down some the next few days, which had crept into the mid 80s yesterday. By Sunday, the surface trough should weaken and the upper-level trough move east, so showers should be outta here. We'll be back to mid 80s (or higher) temps for the first few days next week.

Since we're moving into the latter half of September, a fair question to ask is: are we done with 90 degree temperatures for this year? Well, average highs for mid-September are in the mid 80s, so while this last week was definitely nice, it was also well below normal. Given that, while a stray 90 degree day can't be ruled out, the dog days of summer are definitely over and we may very likely be done with the 90s until May '09. Time will tell!

Last item: In case you are a weather junkie like me, you may be interested in knowing that there is an outlet locally where you can hang out with others of like mind. ;-) The Memphis Chapter of the American Meteorological Society/National Weather Assocation is having it's first meeting at Corky's BBQ on Tuesday night, Sept. 30th. This group is made up of not only professionals in the field, but also local weather enthusiasts. Anyone is welcome to come and learn more, or join if they would like. For more information, see our website at

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