Thursday, July 31, 2008

Strong storms strike parts of the metro area

Many residents of the metro area are finally seeing the rain they have been wishing for for some time - and in many cases it's too much all at once! Strong thunderstorms are dropping heavy rain as I type across southern Shelby and Fayette counties, northern and eastern DeSoto county, and much of Marshall county. (See the image below of what it looked like on radar as I wrote this.) Currently, Flood Warnings are in effect for southern Shelby and northern DeSoto and Marshall counties and a Severe Thunderstorm Warning is in effect for DeSoto county as well.

You will notice on the radar though that the northern half of the city and suburbs, like where I live (shown by the "WXLIVE!" place marker), is dry. So while half the city is staying out of the outside traffic lanes to avoid getting swept into the drainage ditch from flooding, I sit here watching some pretty nice clouds and wondering "when is my turn going to come?" If you're in the northern half of the county, you're probably wondering the same thing... rest assured, I feel your pain. If you got a bunch of rain (or if you didn't), comment on this blog and tell me how much and where you're located. I'd love to hear from you! In the meantime, I'm going to get back to work on my ark, since I have now probably asked for too much.

Appended about 20 minutes later, a 3-D view of the line of storms cutting through southern Crittenden, southern Shelby, much of DeSoto, and central Marshall counties (looking southwest):

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