Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday morning weather discussion - 7/27/12

Last night's storms produced an outflow boundary that moved through the city and now stretches across the north MS metro counties, leaving more stable and slightly less humid air over the northern half of the metro. Thunderstorms will likely erupt again later this morning, especially ahead of the outflow, meaning that north MS will have a better shot at rain than west TN.  Severe weather is not a big threat, though a few storms could produce gusty wind. A few showers are still possible in west TN this morning as well.  Afternoon temperatures in the metro will generally be in the lower 90s except paces (like some in north MS) that get mid-day rain.

As the main "cold front" moves in tonight, no rain will accompany it, however what it will do is bring in drier air for Saturday. While this is good in that the air will be less humid on Saturday, it also means that temperatures could soar under building high pressure. Less humid air is able to heat and cool more readily than moist humid air, so we'll be watching for highs in the upper 90s on Saturday as dewpoints sink into the lower 60s. The net effect is air that actually FEELS like the 90s, rather than 105+. A nice breeze should top it off nicely.  Sunday will be similar, with hot temperatures (maybe near 100), but still moderate humidity.  The best part of Sunday will be the morning, when low dewpoints mean we should see comfortable sunrise temps perhaps as low as the upper 60s in the suburbs!

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