Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remnants of Bonnie to bring a little relief

It's been another long, hot spell of summer weather in the Mid-South with a week gone by since the last significant widespread rains again. The weather pattern we can thank for that is the Bermuda High, which has been parked over the southeast U.S. for much of the summer, but has been particularly strong the past week. It has suppressed convective activity, yet brought enough moisture north from the Gulf of Mexico to keep it humid on top of being hot. Heat Advisories for heat index values of 105+ have been a daily occurrence.

That changes some tomorrow as the remnants of a ragged Tropical Storm Bonnie begin to move north from the central Gulf Coast and to our west over the next couple of days. The high pressure will weaken enough that, combined with the remnant low, scattered thunderstorms will result. I expect that the most widespread activity will actually be Monday, however a chance of thunderstorms will exist Sunday as well as Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. The increased cloud cover will provide a little heat relief, especially Monday, before the Bermuda High re-builds and heat returns for the latter half of next week.

For complete forecast details, check out the MWN Forecast for Greater Memphis.

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