Monday, September 14, 2009

A wet start to the week

Thanks to low pressure at the middle levels of the atmosphere, the work week has started off wet across the region. The low, which spun off the Texas coast late last week and has moved slowly into eastern TX now, will continue to slowly move east into the Lower Mississippi River Valley the next few days. The Mid-South is positioned ahead of this system, which is bringing up copious moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. As impulses rotate around the low, and with plenty of moisture in place, showers break out - some producing heavy rainfall. Reports of 2" or more of rain have come in from across northern sections of Shelby County this morning.

As for the forecast, with the low meandering around to out southwest, the Memphis metro region will continue to be in a favored area for occasional rain, some heavy, though with very littlt thunder thanks to limited instability, or lift, in the atmosphere. This pattern will continue through mid-week. Widespread 3-4" rain totals are possible this week. The rain will help keep temperatures down to near 80 or below, though humidity will remain high.
Drier conditions are expected late this week, with a cooler and drier autumnal airmass possibly moving over the region next week.

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