Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New cloud type?

An Iowa woman's photo from 2006 have scientists and others debating whether a new cloud type has been discovered. There currently are only three main cloud types: cumulus, stratus, and cirrus. One group is working with the Royal Meteorological Society to prepare a case for the World Meteorological Organization to get them classified as a new type, while researchers and scientists in the other camp say they are another form of cumulus and have been documented before. The AP article can be found here: http://cli.gs/0hmhUU What are your thoughts? Leave the cloud types alone, or add a 4th cloud type (which might be analogous to adding a planet in the solar system)?


Paul Yeager said...

It's not a new cloud type, it's just being seen more often now...which isn't surprising with things like phones on cell cameras.


--Paul, http://cloudyandcool.com

Meteorologist Erik Proseus said...

Thanks for the link Paul. Good post on it and I'll be looking at the reference you posted in your blog as well.


Meteorologist Erik Proseus said...

For those interested, here is the link to the Cloud Appreciation Society's article on the "new" cloud type, along with more pictures:

--Erik, MemphisWeather.net