Saturday, July 4, 2020

Changes coming to the MWN app - Introducing local content in the StormWatch+ app

For nearly a decade, users of (MWN) products and services have turned to the MWN mobile apps for easy access to our local content. The MWN app contains most of our content in one neat package - MWN StormView Radar, the MWN Forecast, engaging social media feeds and blog, and of course SW+ Alerts, for immediate push notifications in the event of inclement weather.

I am pleased to announce the framework of a project that my app developer and I have been working on - conceptually for perhaps a year and "down in the weeds" development for a couple of months. Later this summer, the ultra-local content provided by MWN will become a part of the "for nationwide use" StormWatch+ app!

What is StormWatch+? 

StormWatch+ is also a creation of my company, Cirrus Weather Solutions, LLC, and I have guided its development over the past several years as well. The goal of the content merger is to produce a best-in-class weather app for use nationwide, that also contains the most accurate local content, produced by those who are most familiar with their area - all in one package. Before long, MWN will hopefully be one of several "local experts" that provide their take on weather in the area they serve, using StormWatch+ as vehicle for content distribution.

Below you will find a short video in which I take you behind the scenes on why this is happening, the benefits to having local expert content within a nationwide weather app, and how the merger will affect you - the user of MWN's content. I hope you'll take a few short minutes to watch it.

Three takeaways

I will be communicating much more detail as the transition gets closer, including specific steps you need to take. For now, you don't need to do anything. I'll leave you with three key points from this video:

  1. I am committed to continuing to provide you with the best ultra-local weather coverage for the Memphis area.
  2. These changes are staying in-house. Your data is safe and your privacy is paramount.
  3. There will be no charge to those who already own the MWN app or those who have purchased SW+ Alerts within the MWN app.
If you are interested in checking out the StormWatch+ app for "local weather, nationwide," you can download it for free in your phone's app store. It includes multi-layered national radar and NWS forecasts for free. Just search "StormWatch+" and look for this icon:

NOTE: If you have purchased SW+ Alerts in the MWN app, do not do so again in the StormWatch+ app. Continue to use your MWN app for nationwide severe weather alerts. The alerting feature is identical in both apps.

Have questions or comments? Email me: Erik (at)

Erik Proseus
MWN Meteorologist

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